[Offer] FontExpert 3.01 for Windows PC

This is a great hard-to-get FULL program that I've been using for over 17 years and still today.

This is a typeface identifier.

How many times have we come across an old publication on paper or even in digital or WEB documents where we ask ourselves: What beautiful font, what is it?

Well, this program is used to identify fonts as if they were human fingerprints.

It is a program that a distant friend approached me back in 2004 at my insistence.

A DEMO version could be downloaded on the Internet, but without its database.

Here I can upload the FULL version (for Windows) that includes a database of more than 30,000 fonts.

The interesting thing about the program is that one can also generate a PRIVATE database to add to the original with other sources. I did it in his time and with a lot of work I arrived at about 11000 fonts.

There were hundreds of hours in which I tested the program and generated a complete report of how it works and how to generate my own database correctly.

The program has a few BUGs, to generate its own database, but if the user wants to deal only with the Original, he will not have problems.

In case someone wants to generate their own database, the ideal would be to read my "report" (on my own database), so that they know the BUGs that could complicate making an efficient and functional database.

If you are interested in this program, I upload it without any problem and maybe, if someone asks for it, my private base.

By the way, I add the Official propaganda INFO:

What is FontExpert?

FontExpert is a typeface identification software. Based on a special algorithm and a huge font database FontExpert is able to identify typefaces from scanned documents.

The variety of digitized typefaces is immense. To identify definitely, which typeface has been used to create a printed document, is most often a very difficult and time-consuming business. There are so many different versions of a certain typefaces and also lots of new and modern creations that you cannot find in the typebooks of the traditional foundries. So, in many cases the search ends resultless. With FontExpert typeface recognition is not a problem anymore.

How does it work ?

Just scan in the document you want to analyse, and let the software do the rest. The FontExpert database knows about 30.000 of the existing digitized typefaces. Within a few seconds the searched typeface is recognized.

FontExpert identifies a typeface by comparing single characters or numerals to the font database.

The font database

The FontExpert database contains typeface information, font bitmaps and foundry information of the following foundries and libraries:

Adobe - Agfa/Compugraphic - Alphabets - Apply Design Group - Astigmatic One Eye - Berthold - Bitstream - Castle Systems - Christian Schwartz - Corel Draw - Dalton Maag - Electric Typographer - Electronic Font Foundry - FluentLaserFonts - Elsner + Flake - Emigre - Font Bureau - Font Company - FontDiner - Fonthead Design - FontShop/FUSE Foster & Horton - Garagefonts - Handcraftedfonts - Headliners - House Industries - International Typefounders - Isis - ITC - Manfred Klein - Lanston Type - Letraset - Letterhead - Letter Perfect - Linotype-Hell - Mecanorma - Monotype - OptiFont - Ortiz-Lopez - P22 - PrimaFont - Red Rooster - Scangraphic - SERIALS - Stylus Lettering - T-26 - Thirstype - Treacyfaces - Type Revivals - Type-O-Tones - (URW)++ - Visualogik


*-has an open database, so you can add further typefaces by yourself
*-only costs about 99 Euro
*-works independent of the scanner hardware including even cheap and simple handy scanners
*-identifies most often even low quality scans from facsimiles
*-distinguishes between different weights of a typeface (light, regular, bold, etc.)
*-knows the complete alphabet (A-Z and a-z) and the numerals (0-9)
*-is updated regularly with newly released typefaces
*-... helps you to save much time, nerves and money whenever you have to identify a typeface.

Copyright © 2003 by FontExpert GmbH. All rights reserved.

To upload it, I need to organize my files, but if someone wants it, I'll upload it soon.



  • Added note:

    To generate my own database, I first researched how the program worked and then while I slept, I left two PCs working through the night adding new sources and then joining the database. The truth, an "ant" job, but it worked, I got to load about 11000 sources and did not continue due to lack of encouragement perhaps, since I owned / have more than one hundred thousand sources. A bit of a fanatic one, isn't it ???? :-)
  • FontExpert 3.01 for Windows


    md5 checksum: 90ae2b9e7ca369321623259998099ee9


    - It is not the original ISO image, that's how the program was passed to me.

    - The fonts that the CD originally included are not there.

    - It is only for Windows PC (no MAC support).

    - For ENGLISH, replace "FontExpert 3.0 nederlands.exe" with "FontExpert 3.0 english.exe" included.

    - The links in my TXT file were the originals from 2004 that no longer exist.

    Anyone who uses the program can generate their own database of their installed fonts, but if someone wants my private database (10882 fonts entered), the link is only by private message for "WinWorld" users who ask me.

  • My FULL Program analysis (TXT in Spanish) from date May, 6, 2005


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