Can you find a Windows 95 OSR2 upgrade CD?

Please help me.
Can you find a Windows 95 OSR2 Upgrade CD?


  • The O in osr stands for OEM, so I’m not sure if there were ever upgrades to the OSR versions of windows 95, since they were supposed to be sold with a new computer. It’s possible though, and maybe I’ve just never seen them.

    Sometimes corporate customers got special CDs, kind of like the volume media that was made popular with windows XP. I’ve got a copy of windows 98 SE upgrade that says right on the CD “not for retail or oem distribution” and on the back of the case it says unlicensed software. So it’s not impossible something like that exists for windows 95, but I’m not holding my breath.
  • Copy the setup folder to a folder on the hard drive. In that folder, create a file name MSBATCH.INF with the lines "[Setup]", and then "ProductType=1", (full product) and then run setup. Upgrade away.
  • I tried this! Thank you! I tried this before your advice, but I do this bad.
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    @jafir there were OEM upgrades. It's product type 8/9 (OEM floppy/CD) with the OEMUP=1 parameter set (which allows full products to perform upgrades).

    I've seen photos of such discs, just need to remember where.
  • I should add that depending on whether the product was meant strictly as an upgrade or not, CCP=1 might also be set on such discs.
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