[Offer] MicroFocus COBOL v3.1.31

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I just finished imaging my stack of MicroFocus COBOL Products disks if anyone is interested. There is a disk for the v1.3.41 update (The "Early Release" component) that I couldn't read, but all of the v1.3.31 disks seem to be just fine.



  • If anything makes me think of the Computer Chronicles, it’s this.
  • Very nice. What was the nature of the read issue with the ""Early Release" disk?
  • When I put in the disk it was making a rubbing sound and I got a "Can't read super block" error. I'm going to try to transplant the actual disk into another case and try again, but it might be a lost cause.
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    Transplanting in to another case is a good idea. While you have the cookie out of the case, I would also suggest carefully cleaning it off. Use warm water and several soft cloths to wipe it down. If and only if nothing looks like it is falling off the cookie, very gently follow up with some isopropyl alcohol. Be careful not to bend/dent/scratch the cookie while doing so.

    Don't forget to clean floppy drive heads. (At least run some known good disk through the drive to verify it is still reading properly and not ripping things up).

    After all that, reading may still need a few retries but should not make noises or further rip things up.

    "Can't read super block" sounds like you are using Linux "dd". If you have a DOS machine with a real (not USB) floppy drive available, then after cleaning, you might try Disk2img http://www.oldskool.org/pc/disk2img (Geared towards data recovery, makes one quick pass and then goes back and retries errors)

  • Thanks for the advice. Yes, I am doing this using Linux using the dd command. At the moment my only DOS machine has 720k drives and these are HD disks so I can't try Disk2img. I am hopefully going to have a Greaseweazle rig set up by sometime next week with an HD drive, so hopefully that will give me some better imaging options.
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