Mac OS 8 8.7 Beta

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imageMac OS 8 8.7 Beta

Apple Mac OS 8 was another major overhaul of the OS from the earlier Mac OS 7. It added a new Platinum visual theme, a multi threaded Finder, better virtual memory, and many customization options. 8.5 and later require a PPC CPU. It was followed up by Mac OS 9.

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  • How do I run this?
  • Very carefully :p

    I've never tried it before, but according to my notes, it is a hard drive images, so you have to use the sheepshaver emulator and mount it as a hard drive.

    Glancing at the archive, it looks like it is in a macbinary container, so it has to be exacted from that first.

    If you are looking to run it on a real Mac, I think it might need a redump from a genuine CD.
  • I tried with Mac OS 8.1, but it wants to initialize the disk. If I choose not to initialize it it doesn't read it.
  • Ah, ok, it's a compressed (ndif) Apple DiskCopy image. Since it is inside a .bin file, it still has its resource fork. So you have to use something like HFVexplorer to import the .bin file in to a macintosh volume, and it will automatically convert it to .img. Then you can open the img file inside MacOS with Apple DiskCopy.
  • K so I moved the bin to a Mac OS 9 VM instead and extracted it, then installed the OS to a separate hard disk.
  • How do I install this OS?
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    Firstly install Mac 8.1 in Sheepshaver, then copy the Sarah BIN file to the Mac 8.1 HD with HFVExplorer, then mount the img with diskcopy and upgrade from there.

  • How do I copy the disk with HFVexplorer?
  • @helloisthispizzahut
    Open HFVExplorer, click file, open volume, select your 8.1 HD, it will appear as 'untitled' at the top of the left hand list. The drag and drop the Sarah BIN to 'untitled'. Done.
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