Borland Turbo Pascal 7 and QAPLUS

Hello world!
I'm not new to computer, my first one was a Commodore64. Still fond of all those marvelous hardware. Today I play around with a Praim Terminal, hosting a Via C2 533MHz and a CompactFlash connector as the main drive.
Cleaning my attic, I found a box of Borland Turbo Pascal 7.0 in 10 floppies. I made a package you may donwload here
I already installed the software on the Praim with FreeDOS1.2 and everything goes well
I also found a very old utility for older PC and XT, providing basic BIOS parameter edition, MFM calibration, different testings and benchmarks... Here's the link

Regards from France


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    Thank you very much for offer real dump or Borland Pascal 7.01.
    (Already uploaded Winworld is Not dumped from original media correctly but seems to be fake image.)

    Unfortunately your dump of Disk 3 is Not from original.
    Would you please dump Disk 3 by Teledisk or DCOPY?

    Also Disk 10 is not dumped correctly.
    Disk 7 is modified on Boot ID and Root area, but it can be fixed easily.
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