[Offer] Microsoft Office 3.0 Pro French (3.5" disks, IMZ)

This the french version of Microsoft Office 3.0 which contains Word 2.0, Excel 4.0, Powerpoint 3.0 and Access 1.10. Dumps of 3.5" disks in IMZ format.



  • French WinWord 2.0 and Excel 4.0 are already here on WinworldPC
  • @FantaShokataNerd My version have slight differences. First there is a global install program for the whole package, although I don't know if it adds something besides automatizing the process. For Word, the timestanp is different and my disks have labels.
    I've also noticed some differences in the content of first disk . I didn't check Excel but there are probably also some minor differences.
    I don't know if those differences are significant or not and I wouldn't know how to verify that.
  • @callmejack global setup program you mentioned resembles Office 4.x/Works for Windows 3.0 setup program a bit.
  • callmejack,

    Thanks a lot for very interesting releases !

    First of all it's indeed a bit different builds than already available ones. Imaging it definitely makes sense. Secondly, even if it would be the same build, it's always good to have a copy made from 100% original disks.
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