windows on a floppy? somethign micro im not sure

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hey guys how yall doing, i got myself a used compaq aramda 1700 laptop with no HD and i boguht a new HD for it , im just waiting for it :) but ive heard of something called windows micro, im looking for a small os to put on a floppy or a series of floppies. do you guys know waht im talking about, thanks alot guys i owe yea .


  • Ummm lets see here.

    Mini-Windows, a version of windows 3.11 that will fit on a floppy, do a google for that.

    Micro95, a version of win95 around 3mb i think, do a google for that.

    and Nano-98, a small 98 version, around 6mb, do a google for that.

    I am posting this while im extremely tired and about to go to bed, so the file sizes might be wrong and i dunno the exact links to these things. I know mini-windows used to be on the inet somewhere for download and it is in the on any win9x disc, but you have to tweak that.

    and you have to make the micro95 and nano98, do a google and you will find the instructions on how to do that.

  • Get 98Lite and make nano-98

  • thanks alot i really apreciate the help
  • 98Lite Professional 4.6 (SN: jqpr9234qwcp
  • On

    i also thought you could download nano98 but i wasnt sure

    theres instructions and a file list to get 98 even smaller than a 98lite job can do.

    EDIT: no you cant download it, i thought ibm said you could but he was refering to that 98lite. but if anyone does come across a nano98 archive please post a link.
  • so these mini versions of windows load files into the RAMdrive?, thank alot again guys , im getting tired of playing the 1989 versions of family feud and wheel of fortune with the old dos prompt :P
  • From what I heard 98Lite can slim down a 98 install to like 8Mb or so.

    As for the floppy, youll need a RAMDrive for all of them I think
  • No, 98Lite can't slim it so far. try mini win3.11 from China DOS Union. It's really slim. 1Mb!
  • oh yeah that they do a windows 98 on eas well
  • Windows 3.1 can be copied to a bootable diskette using Peephole (but to create a diskette, you first need a working W31-computer with DOS and all)
  • Cannot find a link to Micro95...
    Yes, I've tried google, like Topher said... no results... need help..

    That' not "On a floppy", but it's close :wink:!

  • Thanks, also want win95...
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