Looking for a software from my teenage years, i don´t remember the name :(

Hello, I need help to find a software from my adolescence, I don´t remember the name, but its functionality. I used the software around the years 1987 and 1989, ran in MS-DOS, the software animated texts to make introductions or presentations, you could choose the shape of the letters and the colors, as well as the animation of the text and the transitions between scenes. I remember that I used it to make the presentations of some 'movies' that we made with the camera of a friend's father. They did not always look good because we recorded directly with the camera the screen of the pc monitor, but it worked for us. We wrote the name of the film, the name of the director and the protagonists.

If anyone remembers a program from the time that had that functionality, I appreciate it and excuse me for my English, it is not very good how you can read.



  • I have done exactly the same with our camera and friends :smile:

    I used Harvard Graphics 3.0 for DOS - does that look like what you've used?
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