Help compiling TP7 program MSDOS.

Hi all. Wondering if someone would have time to assist looking at an old program I'm trying to compile in TP7 MSDOS. PM if you can.


  • Presumably it's failing to compile with error messages?
  • It is. Error 3: Unknown identifier on this line:
    oldfore := gettextcolor;
  • Unknown identifier error - do you have a procedure defined elsewhere

    procedure gettextcolor;

  • No, I cant see that anywhere in the program's source.
  • So maybe it's in an external TP unit that you haven't included in a
    "uses" statement. Your program should have a uses near the start, a simple text screen based one would have something like

    uses Crt;

    Is yours using an external graphics library?
  • Is there a way to check if the gettextcolor is in an external TPU? Like find out which one it is?

    This is my uses line, all the ones not commented out are in my units folder and I'm declaring the path in the setup.

    uses {ovrin,}dos,crt,util,bbskit,comm,stringz,overlay; { $O util}{ $O bbskit}{ $O stringz}
  • the oldfore variable is defined here:
    procedure module.showansi(screen:string);
    var showfile : text;
    ch : char;
    abort : boolean;
    oldfore, oldback, ior : integer;
    str : string[255];
    pausecmd : string;
  • Dos, Crt and Overlay are TP7 units (they are part of turbo.tpl). The remainder must be from your additional units.

    If you have the documentation or source code to build the tpu files, search in those. Otherwise you may be able to use the TP unit browser.

    Start TP7 with TPX.EXE. Try compiling your program again, then from the menu Search ->Units. You should see a window Browse: Units. You can then click down through each one and where it is defined. Click again on any of these should show you the file/line where it is used.
  • Strange I have Search Units greyed out. I've looked through the menus to see if there is some way to activate it but no. Greyed out and I can't click it. I've got my code open and have tried to compile it.
  • It starts greyed out on mine until I attempt to compile, then the menu option is available.
  • Seems as it get stuck compiling it wont allow me to search for units. Still greyed out even after running compile.
  • begin should be begin;
  • begin should be begin;
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