[Request] Borland Turbo Debugger 1.5

I'm looking for version 1.5 of TD. I believe it was included with the Professional versions of Turbo Pascal 5.5 and Turbo C 2.0, along with Turbo Assembler 1.0.



  • I have now located a copy but it's only the files from a zipped up installation. I'm missing the original version of INSTALL.EXE but there's enough information in README to create the original disk layouts.
  • Thanks for the disk image. Although it's only part of the set and it asks for the TASM disks, I should be able to match it up with TASM 1.01.

  • Thanks.
    But I think this seems not to be USA version.
  • I can now replicate contents of the original 360k installation disks.

    Disk 1 - replace the correct version of README
    Disk 2 - add UNPACK.COM.

    INSTALL EXE - Installs Turbo Debugger on your system
    README COM - Program to display the README and other text files
    TD EXE - Turbo Debugger Program
    TD OVL - Turbo Debugger Program Overlay
    README - This file!

    HELPME! DOC - Text file with the answers to many common questions.
    Please read HELPME!.DOC before calling Technical Support.
    TDHELP TDH - Turbo Debugger Help File
    TDINST EXE - Configuration Customization program
    TDUTIL ARC - Packed file that contains the following Turbo
    Debugger Utilities:
    TD386 EXE - Utility for 80386 virtual debugging
    TDH386 SYS - Device driver for TD386.EXE and the 80386 debug
    TDMAP EXE - Utility to extract debug information from .MAP files
    TDREMOTE EXE - Remote debugging kernel
    TDRF EXE - Remote file transfer utility
    TDSTRIP EXE - Utility to strip debug information off .EXE files
    TDUMP EXE - Utility to dump executable and object files
    UNPACK COM - Utility to unpack .ARC files
    Disk 3, TURBO DEBUGGER UTILITIES/EXAMPLES is Identical to the one in the Turbo Assembler 1.01 archived here on Winworld so I don't need to rebuild that one. With a bit more work I might even be able to replicate the original disk layout for disks 1 and 2.
  • Solo or add-on Turbo Debugger is handy to have :) Hope you succeed!
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