3DNA 1.0

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image3DNA 1.0

3DNA is a 3D virtual environment shell that presents your computer as a

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  • The 1.0 download Is corrupted or broken, can somebody please redump this?
  • I have re-uploaded the archive, please give it a try now. It wasn't corrupted, but the ISO was in "raw iso" format, that many emulators don't support.
  • Installed this in XP VM, and it was stuck in a Software Mode loop, where it asks you to restart in 10 seconds every time you open the program. I wouldn't recommend installing.
  • I tried both versions (1.0 and 1.1) when I had Windows 98 SE and ME. If I'm not wrong it worked with Windows XP Pro x86 also. But with x64 OS's it did not work (Windows 7 x64, 8.1 x64). Compatibility modes do not work.

    It gives you the feeling that you're in a "real" home environment where you can "touch" and "use" with this beautiful and wonderful 3D application. You can sit down, relax, walk around, look at pictures (on the walls), go online on a virtual browser.

    You can change almost anything (picture frames, browser, websites).

    BUT: It has WAY TOO MANY advertisements (but you can change the website links in program's files in Windows Explorer to avoid popping(showing)-up advertisements). Too bad that there are no new versions for x64 Windows systems.
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