E-mail notifications appear to not be working for me

Is anyone else not getting email notifications for subscribed threads or messages? I’ve checked my junk folders in my email, so I don’t think that’s the problem.


  • Edit your profile and check what your Notification Preferences are set to. (Personally, I find comment notification annoying so I turn most of mine off).

    Notification e-mails in general seem to be working OK, for me anyway. We have had issues with mail providers blocking winworld before. Are any e-mails from Winworld getting through at all?
  • I’ve got email notifications turned on for everything, and I think I’m not getting anything from winworld. I’m using Hotmail. I could switch to a gmail or something for testing.
  • For whatever it is worth, I set the forum to notify me when someone posted to this thread, and it sent me a notification e-mail as well as showing a local notification.

    I seem to recall previously the big culprit with e-mail blocking was outlook.com (Microsoft) so it stands to reason hotmail might be a problem.

    Did you previously receive notification e-mails at that address?

    One slight problem, users can not change e-mail address themselves due to the way accounts are linked together in the library and the forum (and account names can not be changed at all). So you will have to PM me with the desired e-mail address if you wish to change it.
  • I did previously get email notifications. I’ll send you a PM.
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