Installing Windows NT 3.1 September 1991

Hello! I tried to use the Windows NT 3.1 September 1991 build and seems that I got the configuration (im using 86Box) But when I install it it hangs on the file "wangfpus.npd" Help! Btw here is the machine config:

Machine: [Socket 7 VX] Epox P55-VA

CPU: Intel Pentium 75

Memory: 32MB

Video: [ISA] VGA

Mouse: Standard PS/2 Mouse

Hard Disk: IDE 0:0 500MB

Floppy: 3.5" 1.44M

CD: ATAPI (0:1)

I used 86box_roms_20190213 and Windows 95 boot disk.

I also used the text based installer
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