Borland Turbo Basic 1.x

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imageBorland Turbo Basic 1.x

Turbo BASIC is a version of Basic sold by Borland. It features an IDE similar to later Turbo Pascal/C products. After Borland stopped selling it, it was purchased back by the original author and continued under the name PowerBASIC. Borland also released a set of Turbo Basic Toolboxes

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  • When trying to mount the image file for Turbo Basicin Windows 10, it says that disk image file is corrupted. How can I extract the contents of this file ?
  • You can load the disk .img into Winimage and access the files. Or you can load it in an emulator such as PCem. How are you currently trying to access it?
  • Version 1.1 runs for me in PCem.

  • I am using Windows 10 using File Explorer trying to mount the image file - it is at this point I get the error I mention. I took your suggestion and used Winimage - which I can now extract the files. Thanks much !!! I take it I have to use PCem to make use of Turbo Basic in Windows 10 - Win 10 refuses to allow to Turbo Basic to run.
  • With 7-ZIP File Manager You can unpack the .img contents to any place You want!

    In WIN10 the files can be applied directly via DOSBox743!
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