Offer of Massive Freeware Abandonware via Wayback Machine>>>

Well, I just happened to have a buncha these tabs open reviewing some old mostly UTILITY soft from the wayback machine & figured some on here might be interested...

Alotta this stuff are devs that made a variety of utilities, some are just one or two...

Best when you locate DL link to 'open link in new tab'....Otherwise depending on browser you can get a dummy file in the wayback machine...These are typically 1024 KB or 11 KB with the exact name you are downloading...

Much of this most will probably not know it ever existed...

Steffen Gerlach Freeware (I like the ZPaint & Scanner)-

Touch Wood (screenmate)-

Sunpoint Freewares-

Cybia Pasteboard-

3D Clipboard-

Camtech2000 Freewares (anything without a price)-

Photo Gadget Free-

PhotoWipe Free-

Peter Bone Freewares-

Faber Toys Free-

Glarysort Utilities 1.11 & Quick Startup 1.2 Free (bottom of page)-

VaultMate Freewares- Freewares-

bCheck Handy Utility Freewares-

A43 File Manager (Nice low-key file manager)-

fxplorer Directory navigator (Zip version coming back installer no go)-

NetJaxer (Integrate fav web apps into windows)-

That's about it for this session...
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