Old Windows OS ISO versions?

Hi WinWorld community. If it's possible, could we add an ISO version of each version of MS DOS and Windows? It makes things much easier


  • Unfortunately that is not possible. MS-DOS and Windows versions prior to 95 were never shipped as ISO.
  • Several versions of DOS/Windows exist in CD-ROM.
    – Windows 3.0 (CD Intl, FESDK)
    – Windows 3.0 MME (OEMs)
    – Windows 3.1 SDK
    – Windows 3.1 OEM (IBM, EPSON Japanese, Samsung Korean)
    – Windows 3.1 DBCS (Japanese, Chinese)
    – WfW 3.11 OEM
    Also, several CDs include DOS (FESDK include Hangul DOS5, Samsung OEM CD include DOS6.2).
  • Some Windows 3.1 betas are available in CD-ROM I believe.
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