[OFFER] WordPerfect Office Lan 3.0 (4 disk set)

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I saw this as needed on WinWorld. Luckily I just imaged these. They were imaged with a Greaseweazle F7Plus. Included are the SCP stream files and the IMG files for emulators/etc. The stream files showed no bad sectors with HXCFloppyEmulator.

After streamed these were virtually mounted within a DOS 6.22 VMware machine and installed. It completed install with no real issues. I think the configuration at the end of the install will be needed in order to fully test the software.

I also took some quick photos of the disk labels, front and back. I don't currently have my scanner right now to do a proper archive of the labels.

LINK: https://mega.nz/file/Mt13CK5J#tdYKdfxCm20exClzl3o16dc8T5Uibnxzo0rWQetvlTw


  • Very nice. At a glance, everything looks good. Nice job. Thanks!
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