[Request] IBM CSet/2 2.0 for OS/2

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Requesting IBM's first 32-bit C compiler for OS/2, from 1992.

As far as I know CSet/2.0 isn't just a rebranding of Microsoft C 6.0 (1990), since MSC6 couldn't be used to build 32-bit OS/2 binaries.

Confusingly CSet/2 2.0 (1992) is not the same as IBM C/Set++ 2.0 (1993) available on Winworld. The latter was the first version to support C++.


Update: Request amended as I asked for the wrong version. Though it would also be good to see CSet/2 1.0 (1987) and CSet/2 1.1 (1988) archived.


  • That would be very good to get archived. I don't have a copy, but glancing through my eBay photo archive, there was an IBM C/2 Compiler 1.10 on eBay a couple of years back:

  • I didn't know there was a 1.10.

    If the link below can be trusted, evidently I've got some of the details wrong in my original request, and C/Set 1.0 is a rebranded version of MSC 5.0, with C/Set 1.1 being a rebranded MSC 5.1.


    IBM C/Set 2.0 (1992, C only) is actually what I'm looking for, which confusingly is not the same as IBM C/Set++ 2.0 (1993, C & C++).

    I'll amend the original request.
  • Update #2: I found a beta version of CSet/2 2.0 from October 1992 here:


    The readme says the beta doesn't have full C++ class library support due to Unix System Laboratories licensing restrictions, but it does actually support C++ syntax, so my OP was wrong there.

    On the surface it appears to be very similar to C/Set++ 2.0.
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