[Offer] Microsoft C Compiler 5.0

I have a copy of this on the way. When it arrives I'll dump it with IMGDISK and post a link. It appears to be a complete set of 8x 360k disks.


  • Thank you, nickb333!
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    I've scanned the disks using ImageDisk. I've also converted them to .IMA format so they can be enjoyed on PCem and other emulators. I've uploaded it to archive.org and send a copy to Winworld.


    Enjoy, and code like it's 1987!
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    Good save. I have the 3.5" version of this on 4 disks that I just archived but have not uploaded anywhere.

    @SoftWitch @AHarnish1997
    Edit: My memory has failed me. I just have the 3.5" version of Microsoft QuickC 2.5 which is probably already available.
  • jmphill01, if you decide to upload them to MEGA or something i'd love to have the link :)
  • Thanks for offer rare MS C Compiler 5.0.
    I also have dumped disk image.
    I'll check and compare it soon.
  • @jmphill01 That would be cool, I've made 3.5" install disks myself but would love the authentic ones!
  • An update on this - I have just picked up one of the Greaseweazle gizmos. If anyone is interested I may re-dump and share somewhere?
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