Requests for old OS requirements

I use this site all the time for old OS's but I have an issue when creating VMs.

IDK how much RAM some OS's need, for example AT&T Unix System V. I think you guys should try to list that if you can. It would be awesome. Thank you.


  • The thing is, in some cases we don't know either. Often, this is because manuals and software boxes have not been archived.

    Keep in mind, requirements like that are not always exact. Many OSes or applications will require only so much to start up, but then require more to actually DO anything.

    Of course, these OSes were never designed to run under an emulator or virtual machine. Some of them were a headache to get running even on REAL hardware back when they were new.
  • And many OSes can run on much older hardware than it says on the box, or for real use need much newer hardware

    Windows 98 can run on a 386 with a setup switch and Windows 2000 runs on a 486 fine, even if REALLY slow. And vice versa, trying to run Windows 2000 on 32MB of RAM or XP on 64MB is torture.
  • Of course, don't forget that anyone can post additional information in the product comments.

    Feel free to post your experiences, ask questions, and share any information you may have.
  • The best you can do is look up the required RAM for each OS you wish to install... same for how much disk space is required.

    And as for your query, the OS can handle between 512KB to 2MB of RAM.
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