[OFFER] MS-DOS 4.01 Disk Images from Computer Reset

Not sure if this version is included in the library here, or if so, the disk images are original, but these disk images came from a sealed copy of MS-DOS 4.01 from Computer Reset!

Mega Link: https://mega.nz/folder/d2Z2TLCD#iG4OvrnzP_nDht_f-YY-zA


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    But this seems to be modified on Boot Sector except Select Disk.
    Aosl it is already uploaded on WinWorld with good dumped one.
  • I swore I popped on write protect stickers before I put them in. Oh well. Worth a shot I suppose.
  • It is always good to compare dumps to those we already have. Thanks for sharing.
  • Thank you for sharing this set.
    Is it an OEM set, if so what vendor?
  • It is not OEM, it was a retail copy.
  • This product is Not for Retail Copy but MS Genuine OEM.

    Microsoft began to release MS-DOS retail product from version 5.0.
    Therefore MS-DOS 4.0x was never released as Retail Product.
    (It was available with new PC.)
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    ibmpc5150, i know one Retail-version of MS-DOS 4.
    RDOS 4.01 for USSR (1990).
    It's photo of my box.

    In we land (USSR/Russia) in 1990 was don't exist OEM-vendors. Microsoft was selling MS-DOS only in retail.
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    You recommend to read the link.


    MS-DOS was released as retail box package from 3.2.

    But retail only version was released from 5.0 as upgrade only.
    (Of course it is different from full version.)
    (No full version was never been released as alone in retail store.)

    Microsoft didn't allow to buy MS-DOS package only before version 5.0.
    (You can find any sticker on retail box of MS-DOS 3.x / 4.x "Not for retail sale except with a computer system")

    MS-DOS Versions 3.x and 4.x have virtually no distinction between MS Genuine Retail and Genuine OEM versions.
  • Hmmm. I just took a look at my 1990 JDR Microdevices catalog, (so much cool stuff in there to drool over!) and they list MS-DOS 4 in the software section. It does not say anything about restrictions.

    I honestly don't remember if Microcenter or CompUSA carried DOS 3.x or 4.x on the shelves or if they had any rules around.

    Of course, a rule about being sold with a system does not mean a everyone would follow it.

    I DO remember buying the MS-DOS 5.0 Update there. Microsoft had drummed up all kinds of enthusiasm by releasing betas on BBSes. Microcenter had a huge stack of boxes right in the front of the store.

    I was really hoping someone would have scanned the JDR Microdevices catalogs by now, I don't really want to cut mine up just to scan them.

    Flip, flip, flip, Full-size 25mhz 386 motherboard, Intel Inboard 386, V20s, flip-top XT cases, space saver upright tower case for XT/AT motherboards CASE-100 $249.95, Ohhhh, KB-6451 keyboard with function keys on the left, XT and AT power supplies, MDA and CGA CRTs,Archive XL tape drives, Micropolis 157MB-667MB full height 5.25 ESDI and SCSI hard drives, plenty of Seagate half height drives, Fujitsu 360k and 1.2mb drives, 1.44mb drives, 8-bit HD FDD controllers, Lots of parts. Windows 286/386, MS-DOS 4.01 $79.95, oscilloscopes, 5.25" drive enclosures, drool, drool, drool.
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