OS/400 V4

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imageOS/400 V4

OS/400 (now known as IBM i, previously i5/OS) is the operating system of the AS/400 (now Power Systems, previously System i) series of minicomputers by IBM. It is the replacement for CPF for the System/38 and SSP for the System/36. In addition to a consistent programming environment and a user-friendly interface, it features advanced features not seen in other platforms such as tagged memory, single-level storage, is exclusively written in managed languages.

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  • i own a model 170-2292, licensed for v5r3m0 - just wanted to see what in v3/v4 i could add to my v5 system
  • It looks like there is no mirror listed for V4R4.
  • Yea, that's odd. It's not actually on the file server.

    I seem to vaguely recall this might have been an attempt by one of the admins to make an IPFS-only download. That link does not seem to work for me, though.
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