Linux Kernel 0.x

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imageLinux Kernel 0.x

Versions of the Linux Kernel from various time periods. These are mainly for reference material.

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    1991 and 1996
    Excellent, and thanks for sharing the START OF LINUX WORLD
  • Just so we're all on the same page, you need more than a compiler to run this. You need a 1990s degree in software engineering. At this point the "kernel" wasn't really a kernel, heck at this point is wasn't much more that Torvalds putting some ideas for how a new kernel might work down in code. I'm not exactly sure these numbers are correct but v0.01, v0.02 & v0.03 were "use these at your own risk" deals and IIRC he never actually offered build instructions since he figured if you needed instructions then you probably shouldn't be messing with it anyway. v0.03 was an important milestone release (it added lots of stuff like proper memory management and swap space support), after that he jumped up to v0.08 (again the numbers might be off) which was the first build that was considered usable by people without a computer science background. Its an amazing piece of history but its pretty useless today.
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