(OFFER) A/UX 0.7

If you search on Google "a/ux 0.7", you will find websites that host a copy of it. It is a beta release of A/UX, which includes source code for building the kernel.

I found this build on vetusware.com. It requires an account, so I uploaded it to MEGA instead.
Link: https://mega.nz/fm/8oxRWahL


  • Hmm... that link you posted actually tells me I need to sign up for a MEGA account. But I think you posted the link wrong.

    BTW, I don't know about others, but I can grab stuff off of Vetusware just fine. Vetusware is pretty good about their accounts. Their main drawback is you need an ad blocker. But that is true of almost every site these days.
  • I uploaded the folder which is located on my MEGA account, but I found the image on Vetusware. The link: https://vetusware.com/download/AUX 0.7/?id=15023
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    The package also includes the Shoebill emulator, ready to run.
  • What do you mean "ready to run"? My understanding is that this installed file dump is highly incomplete and won't run.
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    A/UX 0.7 beta has no GUI, just text based, here running in Shoebill.

  • It does contain source code for building the kernel at /usr/src/local/less.
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