How to get the serial port version of a kodak diconix 180si printer to work under windows 10?

I can't seem to get the serial port version of a kodak diconix 180si printer to work under windows 10, I am not sure if this possibly have to do with using a usb to serial port adapter.

I have seen a YouTube video of a person getting this identical printer working on windows 8 or 8.1 but they are using the parallel port version of the printer.

I have added the printer manually to Windows , and have it set up using the correct com port number and with using the Generic IBM graphics 9 pin driver. I have even checked what this printer is setup as , and this printer is setup in IBM emulation mode , plus I'm pretty sure I have the serial port settings correct , as they are set to default. protocol: RDY/BUSY , parity : None , data length : 8 bits , and the baud rate 9600 with 1 stop bit .

I have have even checked the serial port settings in windows 10, and they are basically set to the same default as this printer.

Yes I know this printer works , since it does print its test page, and I can get it print out its settings too.


  • Does this printer know how to print plain text? If so, try piping a small text file to the COM port.

    If you can set a lower serial speed on the printer, such as 2400, you might try that. I've seen some serial devices that didn't get along with 9600 even on hardware of the day.
  • I did try sending printer commands directly to the COM port using the command line and that didn't work at all. I have the technical manual for it and I used the example there to send commands directly to it.

    But if the printer supports 9600 baud, shouldn't that setting work fine? The printer is set default to 9600 baud with 1 stop bit and obviously the usb to serial port adaptor supports 9600 , unless this printer has some issue with 9600 baud on the adaptor , or vice versa.

    The next thing im gonna try is buying a a db9 to db25 null modem cable , and using the printer on a computer with a real serial port and not using a usb to serial adaptor cable.

    I am gonna try everything I can to get this printer working, I am pretty sure the serial port on it isn't bad or anything, as this printer will print its test page or print its settings , when I hold down the correct button when I turn it on.

  • I am using a usb port to db9 serial port adaptor with a db9 to db25 converter and I found out the converter most likely isn't setup like a null modem cable, which is required to get this printer to work.
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