PCem retiring


"14th June 2021
Just a quick note to say that I (Sarah Walker) have decided to call it quits. Thanks to those who sent supportive messages, they're genuinely appreciated. Also thanks to those who have supported me and the project over the last decade or so.

If anyone is interested in taking over the project & github repo, please contact me."

Well now...


  • Yea, I heard about that a while back. I don't know what outstanding bugs or feature requests there are, but it is a decent emulator as-is.
  • I just now loaded up PCem 17 with someone's preconfigured Win98SE, and it booted - well behaved, with sound - and so far, everything works like real 1999 hardware.
  • PCem got a new maintainer and they are working on a new version again.
  • Good! ............
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