Hello, new guy needs some help please.

I am trying to get a an PC game of mine to load and it is just not having at all; Below is a list of things I have tried so far.

since I am a Linux User here are the logical things I have done with no success:

1. Tried running the game under wine 1.x.x (I have tried and compiled various versions over many hours without any luck)
2. installed vmware with Windows 98se (no luck), windows ME (no luck) and virtual guest os extensions installed
3. installed Window ME on my actual computer (with no luck) my hardware is too new (made within the last 3 years so no drivers for sound video ect.)
4. prayed to various gods of hardware and sofware to no avail :(

A guy I work with told me about this place and said "if anyone can help, they probably can since that is their expertise."

So here I am sorry about this long winded intro and that my first post is kinda needy but this is the first time I have failed to solve a problem on my own. Any advice or Help would be most appreciated thank you.


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