Microsoft Chart 1.x (DOS)

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imageMicrosoft Chart 1.x (DOS)

Microsoft Chart is a presentation graphics tool. You can use it to create line, bar, pie charts and more. It competed against titles such as PFS Graph, Chart Master, DR Graph, Harvard Presentation Graphics, and BPS Business Graphics. It was sometimes sold as a companion product to Multiplan.

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  • Typo: They are called *Siemens*
  • Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out.
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    PC Magazine article of talking about Microsoft Chart 1.0 DOS Demo. The demo similar Microsoft Word 1.0 PC World Demo. In this Microsoft Chart 1.0 Chart Demo you can not save documents. PC Magazine called this Microsoft Chart PC Disk 1.0 Demo.

  • @SomeGuy, 1.01 – is actually a version number.
    1.20 – it's a revision number from Siemens (not major version).
    Siemens was used this scheme for another products.
    For example:
    Windows 1.02 Rel. 2.01
    Windows 2.11 Rel. 1.40
    Word 3.01 Rel. 5.02.
  • Microsoft Chart 1.xx has Copy Protection is there a way to bypass The Copy Protection?
  • I do not see there is no Book on Microsoft Chart. There is a bunch of books out there on Microsoft Multiplan and Microsoft Word.
  • I was wrong about Microsoft Chart having no book. There is a book for Microsoft Chart both for Microsoft Chart 1.0 for Mac and DOS. I found it under a Microsoft Press Spring 1984 Edition on Internet Archive. Internet Archive does not have a Microsoft Chart 1.0 Book. The name of the book is Presentation Graphics On the IBM® PC Creating Visually Impressive Graphics for Corporate and Professional Use By Steve Lambert

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