New server!!!

edited July 2004 in News & Announcements
Windows 98 SE is now hosted on a server that can reach up to 60KB/sec, and has a user limit so people dont use it too heavily. The main site is also hosted by my ISP on the 10MB free space they gave me... which greatly increases ts speed.



  • Well the ISP thing didn't last too long.

  • Why?

    Did Verizon finally catch on ?
  • No.

    1. Verizon only alllowed US IPs to access it, or something poor like that.

    2. It CONSTANTLY said "LOCKED Blah blah blah". They told Fish that meant they were running backups, but it happened like every 3rd pageview.

    The 2 together made us realize that it was NOT a good idea and the site moved back to Fish.

  • Suckage. Too bad it was only 10 mb, or some dl's could have been stuck on there.
  • yeah but the d/ls would only be accessable to ppl from the us
  • Good point. You would have had to proxy in or something.

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