[Offer] Ontrack Disk Manager 6.03C (Western Digital OEM) (3.5-1.44mb)

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6.03 is available here already, but this is a bit newer version 6.03C (has 1995 timestamps vs. 1994)

Dumped from original media using VGACopy/486 6.25. VCP files are standard RAW disk image files, I did not bother to rename them.


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    We might as well archive all of the version, just in case something important changed.
    Here is WD version 6.03D. This one has slightly later timestamps in 1995, and the floppy label has a 1996 copyright.

    I see that your version seems to be an image of a 1.44MB floppy. This newer one is on a 720K floppy.

  • For completeness sake, here is a picture of the disk.
  • Thanks very much for offering various Ontrack DiskManager.
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