[Offer] Word For Word Collection

edited September 2021 in Offers & Requests
This is a collection of different versions of Word For Word, a PC program to convert between different word processing program formats. The collection consists of:

Word For Word Professional v4.1 (1989) - 5 360K disk images, and disk scans (DOS)
Word For Word Professional v4.2 (1990) - 3 720K disk images, disk scans, manual scans, and front and back box scans (DOS)
Word For Word Windows Edition (1994) - 3 1440K PC disk images, 1 1440K Mac image, and disk scans. Needs serial number on scan of Disk #1. (Win 3.1)

These were from the original media, but Disk 1's boot sector of the Windows Edition looks like it it written over by Windows.



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