Since when has Winworld had advertising?

I normally always browse with an ad blocker, so I had not noticed this before. But I happened to boot up a Linux live CD today and saw this...

Since when in the fuck have there been advertisements on Winworld?!

It is no wonder we never get any intelligent posters here.

This makes me angry, but what makes me angrier is that I am so foolish and tunnel-vision minded that this has probably been going on for a while. (Please tell me at least not since the beginning of this new forum/database!) Nobody told me or consulted me about this. And that is probably why I was never given access to the web server with this "new" database.

Winworld was supposed to be supported by volunteers. I know things have been pretty dead the last couple years. But holy shit.

I remember when Stitch tested out "advertising" on the old forum, and it backfired, serving up malware. I thought it was agreed back then that advertising was not going to happen.

Yes, I used to post stuff to Vetusware, and they have had ads for a long time.

If it keeps Winworld going... well...

Scott Adams of "Dilbert" fame once, a long time ago, theorized about producing clean renewable energy from the infinite supply of human stupidity. Sadly, this works.


  • I first noticed the ads. about a month ago, so not that long. They're irritating, but if they keep Winworld going I suppose we'll just have to live with them.
  • I actually wondered this too. I normally access it at home, where I have network wide adblocking. But I've noticed the ads show up when I'm out and on 4G. I just figured I must have not noticed it before or maybe I was usually on my VPN.
  • Nope, not seeing these rancid ads and I have uBlock Origin updated every counting nanosecond. Although this is on my home system... so are these only appearing for mobile users? 🤷‍♂️
  • edited September 2021
    I'm looking at toning back the ads on the forums, they've become slightly more obnoxious than I'd prefer; they were less distracting to the eyeballs and more textual when first rolled out.

    They've only been active for a month give or take, I'm still running experiments on formats, etc. so as to make them as minimally intrusive as possible. I'm also sticking with trustworthy publishers so the risk of malware-infecting ads coming through is next to zero.

    That said, I know some people hate advertising in any form, and I won't judge anyone for running an ad blocker :).
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