[Offer] EZ-Draft for Macintosh [3.5 400k 800k] (SCP, DC42, IMG, BIN)

edited September 2021 in Software
This a CAD software for the Macintosh.

The Master floppy is copy protected and I'm not sure SCP images and IMG created from SCP images are functional, to be tested. I already had a discussion about the problem with this copy protection (see forum). I made a new SCP dump with a better floppy drive, so perhaps this time it could work.


The floppy dumps (400k and one 800k) are available in several formats
  • SCP format
  • IMG format (from SCP)
  • Option Board deluxe TCM
  • DiskCopy 4.2 format, compressed in a stuffit archive
  • DiskCopy 4.2 format, converted to BIN with BINHEX

    I'm not sure the BIN format is necessary, it's here as an alternative to the stuffit format which seems to be unreliable on some machines.


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