OFFER: update files for Q-DOS 3 v1.4 ALSO add-on for Clarion Personal Developer enables mouse

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I have a file I downloaded decades ago from Gazelle Systems BBS called LOKAI.ZIP. It contains updates for 5 core files for an existing Q-DOS 3 1.4 install and is not a version update. All you do is upzip and copy over the existing 5 files. The file is dated May 10, 1994 which is after Q-DOS 3 v1.4 came out.

I also have dumped files from a 5.25 diskette from Eckenroed & Associates called "Power Pak" containing Mickey (LEM - language extension module) and Report3 (a sample application). Mickey is used to enable mouse function in Clarion Personal Developer. The "Power Pak" consists of a batch file and a compressed file that is expanded and copied to the PCLARION folder, plus a document file. Apps created after that is installed will include the mouse function. The latest file is dated January 16, 1991.

Neither of these can be found online after a lot of searching I did.
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