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hey everyone, I'd luike your opinion on the following mattr:

i just got the net installed in my room (yay) and wonder if running a server on a Cyrix 6x86mx-pr233 with 2k server and 96mb ram is possible



  • It's posiable but it will run kinda slow. You should try and give the system a bit more memory. Like around 128MB, also you want to use a HD greater then 4GB.
  • 4GB isn't that bad, I used 8 for ages. For a server I'd definately use Linux though, it's much better I find.

  • i found that linnux is much better for servers than windows but it gets some getting used to ....
  • I'm going to get the net in my room sometime. I would recommend Linux for that server.
  • Yea, go with RedHat 7.1. 7.1 will runs faster then the newer ones and also has more legacy hardware drivers. After you get use to it you can update the kernel to like 2.4 or even 2.6
  • I'd do SME, but I'm prejudiced for that...

  • Id go 2000 pro (NOT SERVER) on there.
  • SME's good but takes some getting used to ...
  • Yea, but it has everything already setup, and you can learn from the text files too though...

  • What is your hard drive space btw?

    Your server would run a lil slow but it would be fine for hosting small files. Not anything like operating systems and huge files. Get 2K Pro on there and then get Abyss and your fine. So easy to setup man. I'm currently thinking of doing this to one of my older machines.
  • yeah u dont need to change anything on SME once u set it up...
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