[REQUEST] IBM TCP/IP 2.0 - DOS/Windows Access Kit

Hello, it appears that the copy of IBM TCP/IP 2.0 on WinWorld is just the base kit that includes TCP/IP support for OS/2. This does result in a working TCP/IP install, but only for native OS/2 applications.

Unfortunately, there are some add-on kits for this that are not among the uploaded disks. Does anyone happen to have the DOS/Windows Access Kit? This is used to give the WIN/OS2 environment TCP/IP access. The full DOS version of IBM TCP/IP will not work for this, only the Access Kit add-on (you can see this Google Groups discussion for more information on the distinction if you want to know more).

If anyone has the X Windows Client kit or the NFS Client kit, that would be excellent to have as well.

Thank you!


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