Ultrix 3

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imageUltrix 3

ULTRIX was a UNIX clone designed by DEC for the PDP-11 and VAX.

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    There is no Ultrix for the PDP-11 . Ultrix runs on VAX and DEC MIPS Risc
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    @spoofy Wrong. Ultrix up to version 3.1 was available for PDP-11. Further versions up to 4.5 were only released for VAX and MIPS

    You can download the Ultrix-11 tapedump from my server here: https://rarewares.org/rja/ultrix/

    I am also hosting there Ultrix 4.3 and 4.5 for MIPS and 4.5 for VAX, in case the site admins would like to download and host here.
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