[Offer] Watcom C/386 Compiler v6.5 and many more compilers

This is the oldest Watcom compiler I could find. First Watcom Compiler on PC was version 6.0, so this is close enough.
To make it easier, I've uploaded on Google Drive all old obscure C/C++ compilers I could find. Those came from warez CDs so no disk images, unfortunatly.


Here is the complete list:

CodeWarrior Pro 5.zip
Lattice C v6.05.zip
MetaWare High C 2.31.zip
MetaWare High C C++ 3.02.zip
MetaWare High C C++ 3.04.zip
MetaWare High C C++ 3.1 alpha.zip
MetaWare High C C++ 3.1.zip
NDP C-386 v3.20.zip
Symantec C++ 6.0 Professional.zip
Symantec C++ 6.1 Professional+.zip
Symantec C++ 6.1 Professional.zip
Symantec C++ 6.1 Update.zip
Symantec C++ Standard Edition.zip
TMT.Pascal.MultiTarget.v3.1.zip <<<<<----- OPS not a C compiler...
Watcom C++ 9.5.zip
Watcom C-386 6.5.zip
Watcom C-386 8.0.zip
Watcom C-386 8.5.zip
Watcom C-386 9.01.zip
Zortech C++ 2.18.zip
Zortech C++ 3.0r2.zip
Zortech C++ 3.0r4.zip
Zortech C++ 3.1.zip


  • That's cool. I haven't seen Watcom 6.5 anywhere else.
    "Watcom C-386 6.5.zip" is a bit misleading as 6.5 only generates 16-bit 286 code.
    Also "wcl src.c" will fail to link:
    *** Error *** file clibs.lib, record 1: invalid object file attribute
    And some of the other memory models appear to be broken. I suspect some of the .lib files are corrupt unfortunately.
    "wcl -mm" and "wcl -ml src.c" work fine though.
  • edited October 2021
    Yeah, you are right. I named it wrong, in the docs they say "WATCOM C Optimizing Compiler and Tools V6.5"
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