A guide on how to use PCE?

Is there any sort of documentation for the PCE emulator? I have found it mentioned at many places on this site but can't really figure out how to use it. Googling does not show any useful results and most of the time it is confused with the PCem emulator which is different.


  • Thank You, but I cannot find any instructions on how to use it on the website. I have downloaded it but cannot figure out how to use it. I downloaded a machine and ran it, and it went well, but what to do now? How to use floppy disks with it etc.?
  • @Legacy OS

    You can use floppies by adding them to the CFG File in the emulator folder.
  • It is not easy to use, I also wish someone would indeed make a "how-to". I've been considering just making a "how to" for the disk image manipulation tools, but have not had time. They are very in-depth tools.

    You can get command line options by using the --help parameter. There had been some rather terse documentation included with some of the zip archives, but I don't know if that has been kept up to date.

    The simplest way to start is to download the example virtual machines, then slowly learn how to manipulate the config files. You will probably want to update the EXEs with newer builds, however.
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