Facepalm at more bad UI

There must have been an "upgrade" to the forum the other day, because now lots of buttons display extra-wide.

Probably some marketing metric-head thinking that more pixels in any direction makes it easier to click or something.

It is just more confusing as they don't LOOK like buttons and actually easier to click the wrong thing.



  • I noticed this already with the "Post Comment" button... and it looks really odd when the Preview and Save Draft buttons are left unchanged.
  • Like everything else in 2021, it was probably designed and tested for smartphones and nothing else.
  • What a world - where technology revolves around toys for teenage girls.
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    Just noticed another thing... the emojis are now much bigger. See for yourself...

    :# :s

    Vanilla Forums has become stupid now. Time to change forum host?
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    Yes, Duff did a Vanilla update recently, along with some other things. To be honest, the UI is what keeps me from posting here more often. It's just too clunky. I understand why the move was made, but I still don't like it.

    I set up a test forum in an old WinBoards style recently just to play with it, and it reminded me of what I used to like about forums - and what I hate about Vanilla. (Screenshot for reference)
  • Yea, the main reason for using vanilla was the backend database integration and how comments could be added to product pages.

    Aside from that dumb "activity" mis-feature and the lack of a visible "edit" post button, it hasn't been too horrible, although clunky, yes.

    With all of the features, you would think they would add the ability for an admin to customize smilies. At least I don't see options like that in the front-end that I have access to. The old PHPBB forum had a bunch of custom ones.

    Of course, now every time I post I keep hitting the "save draft" button.

    I'm guessing someone from marketing wanted some changes.... arrrraaag.
  • Arrrag. At least I think I have found the culprit... there is a lame "plugin" installed called "Emoji Sets" that replaces the default smilies with a tiny lame selection of sets from other vendors.

    But it won't let me turn off the plugin, only select one of 6 pre-defined options. WTF?

    Well, for now, I selected "yahoo" style. At least they aren't as large.
  • Oh my god, Yahoo... that's a major blast of the past :D
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