DOSDisc Public Beta 2

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It's finally here, after like a year. I'm ready to release the second beta of my project, DOSDisc.

Some of you may be wondering what the hell this is, which is fair. This is a project to use as much period-accurate software as possible, and a CD drive, to allow you to install MS-DOS and related games/software much, much faster than you would be able to normally, even on a machine as low as a 386SX with 3072KB of RAM. If it has a CD drive, and meets those requirements, you're golden.

This has taken me FAR too long to release, but hopefully it'll be done soon. If you have suggestions on things to add, find a bug, need your CD driver added, etc. either email me at parzivalwolfram at gmail, or poke me on Discord at Parzival#2284, post in this discussion, etc.

Google Drive:
Anonfiles (a set of individual links over one shared folder, sadly):

In the menu, press Alt-H and, for most options, help text will be available if desired.

About the boot options:
There are 4 sets of boot options, which hopefully are self explanatory, but if not, I'll describe them here:

- Modern: This is for modern machines with IDE/SATA CD/DVD drives, or VM hypervisors like VMWare (untested) or VirtualBox. Uses HIMEMX from FreeDOS over stock HIMEM from 6.22 for better VM compatibility.
- Win9x Installer: This loads the same drivers from the Win9x installer's boot floppy, in the same order.
- Third-Party: This loads a few third-party drivers I found scattered about, and is the only one I can't test at all.
- Custom: Replace "A:\drv\custom.sys" with your individual machine's driver, and it'll be loaded with this.
If your driver isn't included, and you don't feel like adding it as the custom driver, you can use either "DEVICE" or "DEVLOAD" to load drivers after boot, then just re-run "A:\autoexec.bat" to continue as normal.
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