Microsoft FORTRAN 5.1

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imageMicrosoft FORTRAN 5.1

This is Microsoft's implementation of the FORTRAN scientific-oriented high level programming language. It was one of their early core languages developed for the 8-bit computers and later brought to the 8086 and IBM PC. For the IBM OEM version, see the IBM Fortran Compiler. In 1993 Microsoft rebranded the product as Microsoft Fortran Powerstation. (Note: -80 refers to the 8080/Z80 platform, not the language specification version)

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  • A note to those using MS FORTRAN 5.1 to develop Win apps.

    Win 3.0 has a loader bug and does not load HUGE items correctly. MS FORTRAN by default links with an alternate loader in the EXE to fix that.
    Win 3.1 *tolerrates* the alternate loader.

    Win 4.0 (i.e., 95) and later BARF on the alternate loader.

    Change the default linker directives (i.e., .DEF file) to *NOT* include the alternate loader and all is well.
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