Borland/Corel Quattro Pro Manuals?

Hi guys,

I've having a lot of fun with some retro spreadsheets, especially 1-2-3.

I've just found out that Corel Quattro up to 5.6 (DOS) runs very smoothly even on my 286 machine... but: There's not a single manual for any of the Quattro version on this site.

Does anybody have an idea where to find some? Thank you!


  • A lot of vintage software can not be fully understood without the manuals. This is why I encourage everyone to scan manuals when archiving software.

    I believe all of the Borland manuals will be bound manuals - which means either one must cut off the spine to run through a document scanner, or go to a lot of trouble to flip pages on a flatbed scanner.

    There are a couple of earlier Quattro manuals on Bitsavers:
  • Thanks for the link! That’s something, at least…
  • Link to my scans of the Quattro Pro 2.0 manual set:
  • Ah, that is helpful! Thank you very much!
  • I have a printed manual for QP 4.0 but I don't have the facilities to scan the entire book. If anyone is scanning for Bitsavers I'd be happy to make it available. I'm located in the UK.
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    I’ve got a boxed copy of 3 or 4, I don’t recall which, but it’s a glued paperback binding, so I’d need a shear or something to scan it easily. I guess maybe that should be something to add to my list of wants.
  • Charlie Cork, who is regular contributor at wrote his own book on Quattro Pro:

    It may help you...

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