Apologizing for and regretting my behavior back in 2018!

Hello! I'm Manuel! I got banned from the WinWorldPC forum by SomeGuy for PM spamming him with a eBay copy of the Spanish version of Corel Draw 7 from 1996 back in September 2018 so I decided to create a new account named TIJ-TIX-EBC! I promise I'll never do this never again! I apologize for my behavior in 2018 when I was a member of the WinWorld forum with my real name! I regret the bad things I did that made SomeGuy hate me forever! I'll promise I will behave like a perfect adult!

This teachs the following moral: Do not PM spam anyone or else you will be banned from the forum.


  • Why did you PM spam him in the first place? Were you desperate? 🤷‍♂️

    Also, you made this new account in September 2018... and you only made this apology with it now? 😐
  • A little pro tip - signing up a second time on a forum after getting banned is called "ban evasion" and is itself a ban-able offense. A successful ban-evader will pretend to be no one particular, be quiet and well behaved, not make the same mistakes as before, and NEVER spill the beans as to their original account.

    "made SomeGuy hate me forever!"? I don't even know you. What no one here sees is that I very, very frequently ban spammers, bots, and idiots. I'm not Zuckerberg, I don't keep track of everything everyone does on every web site. For all I know, you are just Russian Babblebot #83721, and I don't care. Anyone breaking rules, posting gibberish, or spamming will get their posts deleted and possibly accounts/IP address banned.

    Yes, signing up on a forum with the first act being sending multiple mindless private messages to administrators is a very bone-headed thing to do. We can't directly delete PMs to other members, so the way this is usually handled is to ban an account with the option to delete all user content - which happens to delete the PMs.

    Since your new account has been around for a while without issue, I will leave it for the moment, but NOW I have my eye on you.

    No drama please.
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