Happy hollydaze and year in review

Happy Winter Solstice from WinWorld! May your days be longer.

A brief year in review:

The first days of 2021 began on a good note - a new president coming in to office, and a covid vaccine on the horizon. If 2020 was a dumpster fire, then 2021 was starting to look like a bright, sunny beachside Florida condo. Well, that collapsed quickly.

For Winworld, it has meant things have been a bit slow. It has introduced the evil of advertising. Shipping prices have skyrocketed out of this universe, making it harder to find vintage software. As with every year, it has meant more and more vintage software has disappeared forever.

Still, this year we have had an awesome number of great contributions from our members.

Glancing at my file list, I see over 500 new downloads added this year and many cleanups of old downloads.

Just to name a few, NBI Legacy 2.0, Electric Pencil PC (1983), Stardock ObjectDesktop Professional 1.5.2, Faces 3.0, IBM Personal Computer Graphical Kernel System, Micrografx In-a-Vision 1.11, many SmartSuite revisions, Norton Commander for OS2 Version 1.0, IBM Storyboard Live 1.0, QNX 1.2, Intel Unix System V R4.0 V2.0, more non-IBM ports of Lotus 1-2-3 1.0A, IBM TopView Programmers Toolkit 1.00, Novell NetWare 286, Venix, and many more.

Even if a title was not a big well known name, it is still a piece of computing history.

So good job collecting all of these, and lets keep up the good work.


  • @SomeGuy
    Shipping prices have skyrocketed out of this universe, making it harder to find vintage software.
    What caused that... Covid, or Brexit? Or both? :\

    Even if this year was as bad as the last (largely because of inept politicians prolonging this crisis), I'm glad it's been a good one for this site. Even if more ancient software can never be found again, the legacy of them will never die 👍
  • I think the last major spike in shipping prices was due to that hurricane that damaged some shipping ports. Of course covid, and a recent increase in gas prices have kept inching things up too.

    Every single time there is any kind of disaster, they use that as an excuse to jack up shipping prices, and they NEVER go back down when things get back to normal.

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