Email Service Win 3.1 Email Client Can Connect To?

Hi, I am in the last stages of restoring a 486DX2-66 DOS/WFWG311 PC. Everything is up and running, and I have even managed to coerce WFWG into TCP/IP networking over the ISA NIC I installed. So, the machine is on the Internet and can both browse a limited selection of very lightweight websites (try search engine site - excellent) and do things like FTP and Gopher. I would like to connect the machine to my email account next, but my ISP *insists* on SSL or TLS connections. Of course, Win 3.1 era email clients don't do this. Does anyone know of an email service out there that will allow just simple POP3/SMTP connections, protected only by password, the way things USED to be "back in the day"? Alternately of course, a WFWG 3.11 compatible email client that DOES support SSL or TLS connections? Thanks!


  • I'm a little surprised your ISP doesn't have a POP e-mail option, even if you had to dig around to enable it. Look around and see if it has anything about adding extra mailboxes or addresses, it might be in there. You would want to set up a mail box that does not use your ISP password. The entire idea of an ISP provided service is that communications with it do not leave the ISP's local network and therefore are already more secure.

    Another possibility is using a second computer as an SSH "tunnel". Putty can be configured to do that. Of course, the mail server must still have the appropriate protocol running behind the SSH.
  • I doubt that there are any WFWG 3.11 clients that support the level of TLS required by current email providers. POP3 is also getting pretty rare. As @SomeGuy suggested, you'd need another machine on your network to run stunnel. You configure your WFWG to connect to the local machine, then stunnel will make outgoing TLS connections to your email provider.
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