Copy II PC fake?

I checked exe files from versions 3.05-3.07 and get interesting result (exe from release of version 3.07 on page and icequake mirror files of 3.05 and 3.06 versions) - they are identical, They differs only in version number - 3.0x (where x=5,6,7). How could it be possible?


  • That's not possible. There's no way a version would differ in version number only. Since the issue you mentioned is one clearly the admin would need to fix, the admin here should really respond to your comment about it and reassure you they are working on fixing the situation if they are, or tell you they can't if they don't have the time, but at least let you know that they read your message.
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    It is COMPLETELY possible for them to bump the version number with no changes. They very likely would have bumped the version number in the main executable if they had updated one of the supporting utilities. All files on the disk share the same version number.

    Unfortunately, the icequake archive chose to OMIT some of the support utilities, so we may never know.

    Specifically they are missing:Bulkeras.exe, and CopyIIjr.exe. There ARE some major differences in and

    There is nothing I can do about the icequake archives.

    The only way to prove this one way or the other is to hunt down and dump more copies of Copy II PC, (with label scans and kryoflux dumps for authenticity) but I don't see anyone doing that. A simple manual scan might have told us what the differences are.
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