[OFFER] Windows NT Server 4.0 (Japanese) - Fixed ISO

The Windows NT Server 4.0 in Japanese ISO is broken since it's basically non-bootable without a bootdisk, but thankfully, I managed to get some fully functional ISO Images of said OS! So if you want to, you can use my ISO Images instead.

Download: https://mega.nz/file/kMlFGQbZ#hNfN-dx-UA25553O2eGESaZTvOqytSuWv4_MGKvuC3E

CD Scans:

(The size was too large to upload with the Image Uploader here so I used imgur, my apologies)



  • I wonder you have original media of its discs.
    Also this is Not correct dump from original media, because No AutoCRC / ExclCRC is included.
    You seem to dump it by PowerISO to fix (re-arrange) the ISO.

    If I were original media, I would dump the bad diskc 4 times to fix it.

    Anyway, No AutoCRC / ExclCRC.
  • I see, thanks for that
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