[REQUEST] fonts - "Billboard" and "QuickType Pi"

I am looking for two fonts... one is "Billboard" and the other is "QuickType Pi".

I used the fonts when creating a document back in the late 90s (I think) and the two fonts may have come with Windows 95, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher or some other application. Or in a "value pack".
I believe I created the "text object" in one application and may have copy/paste it to a Word document - I may have created it in "WordArt" which I believe was part of, but separate, from MS Word. The fonts that was used for the text however may have been installed by another piece of software? I assume the fonts are .ttf files.

Does anyone have the "Billboard" font and/or the "QuickType Pi" font or know the source of where the fonts may have come from?


  • https://www.1001fonts.com/billboard-font.html

    They're free to download anywhere these days (same with Chicago, best known for being part of Classic Mac OSes).
  • Thanks for your reply.
    Yes, I have searched and found fonts named "Billboard" (and "QuickType Pi") on several sites on the internet, some are different than others. I am hoping to find the exact version, though, that I used when I created the WordArt object in MS Word or Publisher back then. And I am fairly certain that the fonts I used came with and was installed by either the OS or one of the applications.

  • I don't recall either of those fonts with Windows or Microsoft Word. Many applications bundle fonts, and if this was on a pre-loaded machine, even the OEM might have installed them.

    All I can suggest is to look through our Windows based publishing and word processing downloads:


    Programs like Instant Artist, or WordPerfect for Windows bundled many of their own unique fonts geared towards different uses.
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    Yes, it's possible they came pre-installed... I don't remember.
    My notes from way back then says "...copied fonts from Windows 95, via floppy and installed on Windows 98..." - I had bought a new box that came w/ Windows 98 so it looks like I copied the fonts from my old box that was running Win95.
    I never had bought any other word processing software etc., only had MS Office and MS Word32 that one or both machines came with so I think the fonts came with one of the MS packages. But I guess it is possible I might have downloaded them, but I think unlikely.

    I have downloaded some of the software on this site and looked through the files but have not had luck yet - I'll keep trying :)


    Added: through one of the links you provided above, I see Microsoft Works... that rings a little bell, maybe I had MS Works installed, maybe one of the boxes came with it. I'll download it and see what I find.
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