[OFFER] Windows 2000 Pro SP4 [German] (OEM) - Fixed/Legit ISO

Hey, remember when I said this?:
-Win2KPro SP4 German looks like it has a Windows 2000 Pro SP3 German label, possibly another nLited ISO?

Well turns out I was right all this time. because this ISO had SP4 slipstreamed in it since 8/15/2003 (possibly when it was made possible due to nLite).

Well I found a legit ISO of this OS, with the proper 6/19/2003 dates, and proper SP4 CD Label.

Download link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AubsH71V5bOkk0XKe6nliDlC7Oxv?e=r8QZnJ


and here's some evidence that the SP4 nLited ISO is obviously nLited, hence the SP3 CD Label and some file dates from 2002-2003

Feel free to replace this version in the library with the new, proper version

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